Any military wives out there?

I need some encouragement. The long distance is driving me insane. How do you cope with it?!  We've be together  a year and a half now and I love him more than anything and will never give up on him nor us but man this long distance is really wearing me down. I'm losing my mind. He's not deployed as of late but could deploy any minute but he is what seems to be always away on training. The worst part is I moved here l to be with him, 7 hours away from my hometown, where I met him because he was doing training there and wasn't supposed to go back there but now he's always there and I'm always letf alone with no family here and hardly any friends because I work 50+ hours a week while he's off training back in my hometown spending time with my family and friends while I'm left all alone. No kids nor any puppies. I'm trying not to be resentful but just being so lonely gets to me sometimes... he's been gone now for over a month this time and just found out he is transferring from this current training to another that states away and will be over 4 months long.