Anorexia or bulimia

I make myself sick after I eat. 
This isn't every time I eat, it's only when I'm forced to eat. For example, I eat one meal every day because I'm FORCED to. Otherwise I wouldn't. I really really want to loose weight, I feel fat although others tell me I'm not. I restrict my calories and count them, and make sure I burn of EXACTLY if not more than what I've eaten. I eat about 500 calories a day.
My doctor thinks I have bulimia for making myself sick; however I forgot to mention I only do it when I'm forced to eat not everytime. I used to take diet pills but my mam took them away which is why I make myself sick now..  I weigh myself like 4/5 times a day too. 
Pic of me below, 
Is this anorexia or bulimia, I feel like it's anorexia.. 

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