How many calories are you eating?

Lily • 💕20 and pregnant with our first baby! I'm a bit of a princess at times💕
I just did a LOT of research over the previous few days on calorie and nutrition advice for pregnant women around the world. The U.K. and America are a lot more relaxed about weight gain during pregnancy. 
Other countries like France and Japan are clear about the health risks associated with too much weight gained.
Also, what have you been told is the suggested weight gain guideline, if you feel like sharing extra info.
Curious as to how many calories you think you average a day?  
Bonus question: do you know how many extra calories you actually have to consume during pregnancy? (Assuming you have a healthy BMI)
If you are suffering from severe morning sickness and therefore eat more to try to balance it out, perhaps wait until you have a day which is "normal", therefore more helpful and insightful, before voting. 

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