What are prisons for?


For me prisons are a source to punish actions then rehabilitate people. Although some people can never be rehabilitated, I think those who can have been done a disservice by the current prison systems.

To me one way that really shows some potential for rehabilitation is allowing non-violent offenders to care for pets. A few prisons have done this by pairing inmates with shelter animals. The animals love them unconditionally and depend completely on the inmates which many inmates have said has helped them realize they need to change their ways if they truly want to help their new babies. I think this is a program that should be extended nationwide because not only does it help rehabilitate inmates and potentially reduce the number of repeat offenders, it also gives many shelter animals a much needed home.

What do you think should change about prison systems to help them reach their goals (whether that be fair punishment or rehabilitation)? Or are prison systems doing well already in your opinion?

What do you think the prison system could change about it's structure to help rehabilitate those who can be rehabilitated?

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