Terrified To DTR

So I've only had one other relationship and it ended poorly and I was super hurt but I've worked through it and am over it now. I've been seeing a new guy for a little while and he's amazing. There's definitely some chemistry and he's incredibly sweet and I literally drive home smiling every time I see him. He subtly mentioned becoming an "official couple" and I kinda was like uhmmm no rush for labels (I panicked). I love being around him but I'm literally torturing myself with overthinking. My head is spinning with thoughts like he's just using you, you'll end up crushed, you're desperate, you're giving up your freedom, you don't deserve this, you're suppose to be single forever, you're too different from him, you should be embarrassed of him, there's no future with him etc. But when I'm with him it's just fun, happy butterfly feelings and it's easy and I feel really safe. And he's literally amazing personality wise and practically (job, responsible, etc), but we definitely do come from different backgrounds but we are both pretty understanding or our differences.I don't know about exactly loving him yet, but there's definitely potential for that to happen. My head and my emotions are at war and the lines between what's real and aren't are getting blurry. Please help.