gross question

Fancy Nancy
So I'm going on my first out of town trip with my boyfriend and lately I've found out I'm lactose intolerant and my tummys been upset from adjusting my diet. I have THE WORLDS worst gas. I shit you not I fart like a truck driver when he's not around. I always have trapped gas. I fart in my sleep and don't really know it and I'm TERRIFIED that I'm going to just rip the loudest fart ever in our hotel room while we're sleeping 😂😂😂 is there anything I can take I can get at the drugstore to stop this before Friday? I don't want any gas or any pooping. I literally don't want to eat or drink a single thing I so afraid it's going to upset my tummy. Besides putting a cork in it, I don't know what else to do? I really really want to enjoy my weekend with him and not have to worry about blowing him off the bed with my terrible farts and I don't want to be walking around cramping up because I have trapped gas. I heard Beno was good but somebody told me it causes you to fart and get everything out. I don't want anything to cause me to fart, I just want it to stop all together.