Need a second opinion on this one!
My MIL has always been a bit of a snob. She likes the finer things in life and isn't afraid to tell you about it. I'm 17 weeks with our first child (her first grandchild) and she's really starting to wind me up. She's gone and bought a pram as a "spare" to keep at her house, knowing full well that my mum is buying our pram as a gift for baby. This pram happens to be an exact replica of the royal pram. Last weekend she was telling us about it, and the baby started to kick for the first time. When I mentioned this, she acknowledged me with a nod, and then went back to looking at pictures of this pram. My husband says she's just showing her affection in different ways, but I feel like she's more interested in the material aspects of having a child around. She's already calling it "my grandchild" in every conversation regardless of whether we're there or not, it's "I'm looking at this for my grandchild" rather than "what do you think of this for your child/the baby?"
It's really starting to wind me up because I don't really feel like she's interested in the baby at all! Can someone please tell me I'm not just overreacting due to raging hormones?