Leave or stay?

I was born and raised in California, &met my boyfriend of almost 2 years here, but he's from New York. We are planing on moving back to NY with his family in about two months. We decided on this last Oct., we've never had a big fight, however he's already attempted breaking up with me 3 times throughout our relationship, all of which were easily fixed with a good'ol conversation. But lately he's been investing way more time on his future career as a buisness owner(which i know is time consuming) and he also is working full time in a town 1:30min away. So when he comes back hes tired and no time for us..

Which has resulted in me asking for quality time(which he agrees to), but by the time we are having quality time, he says there isn't enough time and everything is cut short. & now im afraid i have been having 2nd thoughts in moving, should i stay in CA and no relationship, or just bear through it all, go to NY and soon as his buisness is all set up we should be happy and have more time? But if any bad arguments arise, i have and know no one out there in NY, all my family and friends are out in CA?


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