Pregnant at the same time as my sister in law


Ugh, I'm so irrationally annoyed right now.

I have a 9 month old daughter. 2 days or so before I found out I was pregnant with her, my SO told me his brother (twin brother) was having a baby. We had been trying for about 7 months and they weren't trying at all.

When we got out bfp, his entire side of the family were so unimpressed since they had just gotten the news of their other grandchild.

Today we found out we're having another baby! Planned and executed in the first try. It's early and anything could happen if course, but I'm so happy and excited!

Now about an hour ago, my SO went shopping and his mom called... Telling him that his brother is having another baby. Again! At the same time. And just like last time, they are about 12 weeks ahead of us.

This annoys me sooo much!

If course I'm happy for them in a way, only she is so unpleasant with her kid. Yelling at him, calling him names and so on. They also said they didn't want anymore kids. She doesn't have a job, lives off of him. And now they're having another one.

And I know his family will react the same way again. They find it so hard to separate the two of them and focus on just one individually.

Last time they compared our pregnancies the entire time, whenever I told them that the baby had kicked for the first time, that I was tired or whatever - they were always kinda like.. "Oh yeah, J is the same. She experienced *whatever*".

And she was the same! Whenever I said that I was wxperiencelinv something, she always had to be worse, like we're competing. Same thing with the kids now. And my mother in law noticed it too.

Stupid thing to complain about perhaps, but this just feels soo crappy since I've already been through it once before..