I just started dating this guy

I don't have the best self esteem. He doesn't either. 
When we first started talking it was over Facebook message. I said I wasn't feeling so good mentally and he sent me pictures and gifs of puppies to make me feel better. We have been dating almost two months now. 
Usually right before my period I have this day where I just feel bitchy and worthless. And he's coming over after work today and he just sent me a bunch of pictures of puppies again. I'm so happy. 
Just wanted to share. I've been in manipulative and horrible relationships that always made me feel like I did something wrong. I always thought they would leave me. 
I've found someone who lets me be completely me. Mood swings. Random crying. Anything I throw at him he comforts me and tells me it's okay. 
Our first date I threw up on him because I was nervous and drank too much. 
Ladies. Prince Charming really is out there.