Does this count as cheating?

So, making context, currently going out for 8 months but here's the story. going out with this girl for a few months like 2/3, so I was going to an after party of a high school formal event, with my friends (guy friends, I am a guy) and had no intentions of kissing someone else. but that day she got annoyed over a guy getting a girl she didn't like a ticket to go to it and she doesn't like her being near me she gets jealous or somethjng and that started a whole fight for nothing and it all stemmed from that.
 So then she called it on a break and I couldn't do jack shit she's manipulative etc and that night I arrived and waited outside and said nasty things like "I think we need to just end" sent me a photo saying "@j is a fck boy " when I did nothing (I'm called josh) and deleted all the photos off her phones of me and her, all 1,300 of them. And kept saying nasty shit. So at that point it seems pretty much on a break/ over right? 
My sister was there and my friends they just said dude she doesn't deserve you you're too nice and this is what she gives you cause she's insecure? And they encouraged me to kiss someone, honestly I didn't want to but then she said more nasty shit and then I said fuck it. And kissed someone. I didn't tell her the next day. I held it, I did feel guilty very guilty, but then I told her and she made me out to be the worst, some cheating scum bag and acted like she did nothing to deserve it, 6 months later and she still brings it up now and again and she said she doesn't trust me a single bit. I don't think I deserve the constant nagging about it. 
What's your take?