Anyone with control freak parents or in-laws ?

We just told every one we are pregnant ...we are 7 months ...because I knew this would happen first thing they say when we told them I was pregnant was I am no longer allowed on the family fishing trip this coming week because drum roll please pregnant and they keep reminding me in not invited everytime we visit it isn't deep sea fishing its pond fishing 5 pounders top I can't even go to watch then my mother in law has a cat I just patted her on the head once well she told me oh don't pet her your pregnant now get this my husband is told to help me out the door so I don't fall and I can't walk in grass or i will fall my mother in-law enforces it...then they say we need to move to a bigger place. Which we will in 2 to 3 years but they mean now...then my mother said she wants to be the one in the delivery room without my husband so she can take care of the baby the whole time we are in the hospital I knew she would be this way so she thinks we are do in August she decided this on her own ...we are do in may and we arnt going to tell her she's wrong we don't want no one at the hospital just me husband and baby oh and she wants us to move back in with her husband is great and I am so thankful for him his work lets me go on trips sometimes but they said at 7 months I couldn't stay in a hotel suite with him because of liability and it was to stress full for service stress full yeah right lol but I do get their reasoning its just aggravating everyone wants me to be bed ridden to make them feel better IV gained 40 pounds I think I still look good I was 120 before now 160 but they keep telling me how fat I am and wanting to touch my belly which I told them I don't like to be touched they latterly swarm me and do it anyways I feel violated with no personal space I try to stay home as much as possible to avoid everyone but my husband who is out of town at work every week anyone else with similar family issues sorry for the long rant its just been building up