Judgement at Walmart.

I went to Walmart today to do a little grocery shopping. I ended up spending $150 there, but among the items I purchased was Castor Oil (in the beauty dept, not the laxative- I use it for eyelash growth), and a Starbucks coffee that I grabbed. I haven't had anything besides water to drink since January because I can't stomach sugary drinks at all, so I was shocked I even craved anything besides water. Anyway, the cashier made a comment about how I should "really cut down my caffeine" and when she got to the Castor Oil she made a point to mention how dangerous it is to use during pregnancy (I'm 37 weeks pregnant, obviously very huge), and that anyone who does use it is selfish. I booked it out of there. I was so embarrassed, the people behind me were giving me judgemental looks, and I couldn't think of a way to stick up for myself at the time. 
Have you dealt with any judgemental or annoying comments? How did you deal with them? Vent here!