i'm so sick of people telling me oh don't listen to your dr, this and this with me and then this happened. why do people feel the need to put their 2 sense into ftms life as if they know exactly how EVERYTHING happens? like having a kid makes you the master of childbirth, raising a child, going through certain things. my opinion is if you aren't a dr and can see what they can and understand that stuff don't tell me not to listen to them cause as a ftm i'm going to trust a dr more than some girl on fb saying not to listen cause she did and something else happened. im obviously going to a dr to seek professional help not help of a mother who thinks they know everything cause they have pushed a kid or 2 out. am i the only one feeling this way, i just don't understand how some people can be so negative on everything and make ftm or anyone feel as if they are dumb because they got excited and posted something their professionally trained dr told them. from a personal view and being a bistander. let ftm be excited cause their dr gave them a projected weight or told them they will most likely hold to term or not. why take that away from someone who is experiencing the most life changing thing in their life. no matter what happens they will love their baby, 3lbs over the projected weight or 2 weeks early or a week late. it's awful for us to sit here all excited like oh this is what my dr said this and get a negative oh well this happened to me so don't get your hopes up. just shut up! let me and ftm enjoy this!!!!