I need some insight, please any advice would greatly appreciated.

Please, no hate, any advice or insight is greatly appreciated at this point. I am currently 8weeks&3days. My first ultrasound is next Tuesday and I'm terrified I'm not going to see anything or hear anything. 
A lot of people have to told me that miscarriage is most common for first time pregnancies. Well this is my first and I want it to work.😱 So I've been looking on the internet and have found a lot of misleading information about first time pregnancies and miscarriages. 
My Symptoms:
Lower back pain - it's very mild
I've had light intermittent cramps around the hip areas 
Everything underneath my diaphragm but above my uterus feels compressed
Breathing is slightly difficult
My legs from my hips to my knees has been aching: I haven't been on my feet too long at different times today. 
--- I may have caused these symptoms with the way my mind has been running but I have felt all of these today. My fiancé is going to rub my legs, they hurt so bad. I just need to know if this is perfectly normal at this stage. 
Thank you all, in advance, for taking the time to read this and commenting. 
One Worried Mama