painful contractions

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So I will be 34 weeks tomorrow and last night for about 2 hours I had painful contractions along with pressure for about 2 hours and they were regular. I've had BH a lot but always have but they're never painful or any pressure at all. These caused sharp pains to shoot down my cervix also. I was almost going to make a call to my OB but then they calmed down and eventually went away but I didn't sleep all night because my lower back was just horrendously sore and I couldn't get comfy. Has anyone else had this happen? With my first this is exactly how I felt when I was in early labor but obviously it never stopped. She also came on her own at 38 weeks. I don't go back to the doc till next Thursday and idk if it's worth calling and asking. I do have signs of preeclampsia and actually have to do a 24 hour urince collection today so I don't want to really have to go in. Anyone else's experiences please! Do you think this is a sign baby is gonna come early?