Am I wrong for this?

So my mother in law started getting my baby a lot of things from yard sales, she goes to yard sales every week and it's sort of a yard sale hoarder so now she's getting those things for my baby! And I don't want those things! She came to my house with a bag full of used toys and clothes! I really don't mind yard sale stuff but not for a new born! My husband and I both work and can afford new things! She can also afford new things but is now using my baby to feed her addiction of buying things at yard sales! I don't know what to do about the things, they are not in the best conditions and I already had plans to buy better things for my baby since this is our first baby! I talked to my husband and he told me to return the stuff to her but knowing her I know she'll get offended and I'm really not looking into having any problems with her. What should I do? I really don't want my newborn baby playing with those toys or wearing all those clothes. I was thinking of giving them away to someone in need but I don't want her asking about the things when she notices they are gone. I also know that this is just the beginning and she'll keep getting things 😒