Starting to give up...

Me and my husband have been together just over 10 years. Married for almost 8. We have 2 daughters age 7 and 2. We were 16 when we got together.
He is a store manager. He's been building up within his career for about 3 years now. And he has done extremely well. He was even presented an award for his company for high achiever in 2016.
He is very work and money driven. That is his life. There isn't anything else to say.
Our sex life hasn't been great for about 6 years. I've always had a high sex drive and it would really send me overboard if I didn't get it. However, past few months, it's not bothering me if we don't have it. We've been roughly having it about twice a month recently. And I'm not bothered. I hate rejection, so I don't initiate it anymore.
He never has the 'energy' to do anything with me and our kids, so once again recently, I've just been doing the fun stuff with them on my own. I just can't be bothered to wait around for him anymore. He would quite happily sit infront of the TV or his phone (when he is home) instead of go do something with me and the kids. He never does anything with the kids by himself, or with me for that matter. I feel like I just cook his dinners, wash his clothes and we share a bed together. We don't really have anything in common anymore. He is extremely boring and so serious. The fun in our relationship has gone.
He is not cheating on me, he isn't the kind and absolutely hates it. I've tried in the past to have many discussions about it, and I think he is genuinely ok with the way things are. But I'm not. He has made it very clear in the past being romantic and silly etc is not him and he isn't going to change. He wasn't like this in the beginning. He was the most romantic person I'd ever known. I just don't know what's happened. I've suggested marriage counselling but it's a no no for him. I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm hitting my head against a brick wall. I want to fight for our marriage so badly, but it's got to the stage where I kinda don't even know what to get him for birthday present because I don't know what he likes anymore, because the communication just isn't there anymore. Feeling very very lost.