Im 39+2. Had a cerclage taking off at week 36, 2 membrance sweeps, last one this past Monday. And nothing, just more Braxton Hicks and menstrual cramps. Thats it.
But last night I was having contractions. Times them from 12am to 3am. When they went into 10 min apart I took a bath and decided its time to wake my husband up and go to hospital but. shower took the pain away I guess. So I got on the bed to see and nothing. Just BH again but not to strong or consistent. This morning when I wake up, im bleeding. So I came down town to moms house, closer to the hospital and kept bleeding red with alot of yellow discharge. Texted the Dr but here en PR is a Holiday and he didnt answer. So decided ill stay close and go to ER tomorrow first time in the morning. Or should I go now?. I dont have contractions, just BH and I feel my vagina irritated and as if I have a pointy object stuck in my cervix. But thats it. What would you do?.