46 hours of labor and 2 pushes later...

I was induced at 37 weeks for cholestasis. I went in at 2 pm and they started my IV and gave me a cytotec since I was only 1 cm dilated and 60% effaced. They said that I would get checked again at 10 pm. Well immediately I started to get crampy and have contractions which I was excited that my labor might actual progress pretty quickly... I could not have been more wrong! They didn't end up checking me again until midnight due to deliveries on the floor. But I was only a tight 2 and still only about 70% effaced. So they started me on cervadil. 😫 whew the crampy contractions from that and remnants of the cytotec were no joke. Plus they wouldn't be checking me for 12 hours! After being up all night having big and long contractions but not dilating. I needed some meds to take the edge off and let me get some rest. They gave me Stadol (IV narcotic) and that knocked me out for two hours of much needed sleep. At the shift change the new doctor checked me at 9 am and I was 2-3cm and about 90% effaced so they decided I was far enough along to start pitocin after the cervadil was out at 12. Well at 9:30 my water spontaneously breaks! I'm thinking labor is finallyyy going to get moving! 😒 not so much. 
I start the pitocin at 12 and immediately things start ramping up and by 4 pm I'm waving the white flag for the epidural. After the mental and physically exhaustion of being there for 28 hours at this point i didn't care about being a mom warrior.. I couldn't wait for the pain to go away! Finally relaxed after the epidural it was just a waiting game. Except the contractions that were showing up on the monitor were too far apart and not long enough and my labor was starting to stall. 2 rounds of pitocin later and I'm still only at 4 cm. They decided to give me a break and then start round 3. Once that started the shift change happened and the new doctor basically told me I was looking at a c section. Since my water had been broken for a day and I was starting to have a fever. While I was waiting to get new blood work for the c section my back was killing me despite the epidural so I rolled on my side to try to nap. The doctor came in to check me one more time for fun and what do you know. I'm fully dilated and hen babies head is basically in her hand! Everyone started getting set up and two pushes later my little girl Entered the world!!! 6 pounds 11oz 20 in long. Logan Elena 💕 no tears/stitches and totally worth the wait!!