the lord has blessed us with are gift of life

the lord has blessed us with are gift of life. this month on the 13th i had a feeling that i need to take a test. i had a first response pink. from last month cycle when i taken the test it read dip for 5 seconds but i forgot and dipped the test for 3 seconds and when i remember the right time to dip it .the pee was flushed down and i said oh no its not going to test acutely but at only 3 second dip and 5 min read it was faint so. i called my hubby and said i need another test i messed up so he ask if there's two line on the test i said yes but one's faint he' then say what your prego and i told him to buy another test and he did. buy a first response test so that test was darker then the first one then i waited to take another and it got darker that same day but ate night time so the next day in the evening i had a dollar test and it was a very dark line.and now just waiting for my journey to begin thanks Glow community.