Baby shower thoughts

Lauren • We've been married since October 2015. Originally we wanted to wait a few years before trying for a baby but it seems my heart had other ideas!!!

So I've been following an awful lot of posts regarding baby showers which some of you lovely ladies have been fortunate enough to have either via family, friends or been super organised and held it yourselves and what a blessing they have been to you with your gifts and love bestowed on you. However I've also watched some be very upset or bitter and angry that they have had a poor turnout of attendees, they have only received clothes or nothing at all and subsequently feel let down or panicked because they were relying on baby showers to receive a number of items so they wouldn't have to purchase them.

My own personal thoughts are that baby showers are nice and a great way to gather family and friends together if it is something they want to participate in, however it's worth remembering that a huge number of people find them tiresome or cheesy or just not relevant. So although it may be hurtful if people don't turn up, remember that it's not the end of the world and you'll still have a beautiful baby to love and be devoted to, some women will never experience that. In addition you may not be aware of other people's personal struggles in life or their circumstances.

And reference gifts or the expectation of gifts. If your lucky enough to be gifted anything from second hand clothes or a pack of wipes to a got, never be ungrateful for the smallest token. Some people never know what to buy for these things, they might be saving for their own kids or simply be broke.

Equally you should never rely on having a baby shower to provide loads of stuff. You shouldn't be having parties just to receive gifts and stuff so you don't have to buy it. It should be a celebration of new life and a time to show love and support.

I feel awful for women that have held out on buying stuff on the assumption that they will get loads at a baby shower and then it's just not happened, leaving them financially worrying about how to provide. Your child is your child and to be honest you should always anticipate providing for this child yourself unless your approached with specific offers of help in buying certain items. If you wind up with 2 of something, then is the time you can pass the extra on or sell it yourself.

Apologies for the long post ladies. It's just some observations I've noted and is by no means a personal dig at anyone in particular