What should I do about my mom

My birthday is coming up and my mom ordered me an expensive cake. It's like $60 and we just don't have a lot of money. Before she ordered it, she asked me what kind I wanted. I said "thanks but I don't need a cake." I really hate celebrating my birthday. I don't like attention on me and I don't want my mom to waste money like that on me. Well she said "I'm just going to order it anyway and guess what kind you want." I said fine. There was really no stopping her. Now she said someone asked if she was really going to buy an expensive cake and she said of course. She asked me my opinion on it and I said it's a little bit excessive. So she said "fine I'll just give you $60 in cash" and she said goodbye and hung up. I feel bad now but I don't know what to say or do about this.