Should I go out w my coworker?

I recently started working at a warehouse. It's a lot of heavy work, but it's full time. And a job is a job. So, on my second week I met this guy, I think he's so cute, he's so tall and his smile is sooo...ugh😍... 
Anyways. My third week they changed my spot so I don't get to see him as often anymore. I only get to pass by his work station. One time, I was on my way to break and I was looking at him but he was busy, but as I was staring at him I said in my head "if we have a connection, please look up" and next time you know he looked up!!!! Since then, we started to hangout during breaks and lunch. He would go to my work station and talk to me, or before I would go to break or something I would approach his work station. 
Problem is.... he's a supervisor!!
He's one of the youngest supervisors in there.. and I liked the fact that we clicked, and we got to find someone who's in the same age range (we're both 19). 
I think I really like him. And he actually asked me what we're my plans for the weekend. I told him I didn't have anything planned, and he wants me to hangout w him. I told him I would get back to him and he said ok. 
Is that a good idea? 
Should I go w him?