feeling absolutely miserable!

Jolene • Momma of a beautiful girl Kinsley Anne born Jan 18th 2016 and due with our 2nd girl Maddison Reece due May 15th 2017
I feel absolutely miserable. I have a hemmoroids the size of China. My body aches and hurts from my head to my toes. I've had 2 Charlie horses this week that leave my calves sore for a few days, my hips hurt, my pubic bones feel like they've been ripped apart stomped on. My legs go numb sometimes, I have no energy, I can't sleep well! At all, I'll wake up every 30mins-1hr to either try to roll, pee or just can't get comfy. Braxton hicks literally all day and night long! I also have a prolapsed bladder which doesn't cause much problems, I have so much freaking pressure and pain down there it's ridiculous! I have 3 wks left of this crap! I started taking evening primrose oil since I had no effacement past 2 apts and I want this baby out I literally wanna cry in pain because I'm so done! 😭😭😭