I'm subscribed to this YouTube family KK&babyJ on YouTube (LOVE their channel) a few days ago she made a vlog "breastfeeding in public" there is someone on there saying that it's wrong and you should just pump and give the baby a bottle because it makes some people uncomfortable seeing others breastfeed in public. This honestly pisses me off, breastfeeding is a normal thing! I would rather see a mother feeding her baby instead of letting it starve. Some women don't like pumping because it takes too long and some babies do not like bottles! Also if it makes some uncomfortable then the can look away, or go somewhere else in the public place (in this case it was a mall) if it bothers you so bad. I explained all this to her and she said I was wrong and people with common sense knows that it's not right or appropriate to do in public. What are your thoughts on this?