Am I Overreacting? 😟🤔😑

My husband and I have been married for 3 years. We're in our late twenties. We have simple issues like any other relationship but not over trust. This post isn't about cheating or doubts in my relationship or anything like that. 
Over the past several months he has made new friends at work and has been going out drinking with them a lot. We had a discussion semi recently about his frequency of going out with them or coming home super late when previously he was "just going out for a bit". We have a lot of friends but aren't super social people anymore. My main issue, though, was that he was going out more with these new friends than with me or his friends or all of us together. 
Tonight he went out with them and stopped home and said he was probably going to spend the night at this guys house (who I've met and hung out with a few times). No doubt in my mind this is a better option than driving home drunk...I do not condone that whatsoever. Also no doubt in my mind that he is cheating on me...I know you hear this from girls all the time and automatically go there with your thoughts but that's not what this is about at all. But the whole situation struck a nerve and I thought it wasn't normal for a marriage and I didn't like it at all. 
I know all relationships are different. But I think there are new and different boundaries that come into play when you become husband and wife. I don't think he understands that at all. I want him to be happy and spend time with friends and enjoy his life. I don't need him to spend 100% of his time with me. But he's about to be thirty and I feel like coming home from the bar at 2 AM and now spending the night at his friend's house (again, who I know, but not really!) so he can get wasted all night AIN'T CUTE!
I'm just looking for opinions and insight here. I don't want to be overreacting and controlling and I just want to know how others would feel in this situation. 
Thanks for listening! ❤️❤️❤️