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So I suggest watching the movie trailer on YouTube for Atomic Blonde then coming back to this post. Read the screenshots below, what do you think? Do you think the movie is unrealistic? Or is it just as unrealistic as every other action movie? How do you feel about all the negative sexist and homophobic comments by all these straight men? Agree with them or disagree? 
Personally I think all action movies are unrealistic but I like them anyways, this one isn't anymore unrealistic than James Bond or Jack Reacher etc. And the fact everyone calls her a lesbian and makes homophobic and sexualizing comments is disgusting (she's bisexual anyways). I don't think just because it's a female lead it's a feminist movie, but many men these days seem to think if a movie has a female lead it's suddenly feminist propaganda (like the new Star Wars movies, that had lots of backlash from the male fans online.) I find it funny how pressed the dragonk116 or whatever guy is over the fact that she's a "lesbian" (when she's bisexual) and that she's fucking a woman in the trailer not a man. Like you jealous or nah fam? And then how he says "it's not a female lead it's a lesbian lead get it right" as if lesbians aren't women 😂