Am I crazy?(long)

I am 19 years old, and I just found out I am 3 weeks pregnant, almost a month. I was very shocked and I cried for a few minutes, but I quickly got over it. When I found out, I wasn't concerned on having my child at a young age, but I'm more concerned on how to look not too much my mother but my father in the eyes and tell him: "dad I'm pregnant" I don't want to hurt him, but reality is I can't abort my child. I don't believe in it, another thing I'm worried about, is the person it's with. He's a close family friend, my mother and his mother are great friends, my dad and mom like him. He's a very great guy, my mother and his mother knows about us being together(not the pregnancy yet) but they love us together. He's 24, and that's what I think I'm scared of with telling my dad. I feel like he's going to want to kill him, but again I feel like my dad would do that regardless of my age. I go to school, I work 2 jobs, I have my own car, I pay my own bills and I pay rent to my parents, I'm very responsible. He has his own house, car, works, etc.. But again, I'm scared to actually tell them. He was fine, he wasn't upset he's been very supportive, but I have a very judgemenal family. All who have had their kids at 14 and what not, but always look at others who are young having a child. I don't know if I'm out of my mind? I can't imagine getting rid of my child, but I just don't know how my father will think of me, or my mother. What do I do? I'm very nervous..(Please no negative comments)