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Diana β€’ Have a daughter. In process for another 😊
I told a family member about the chemical pregnancy I had last month she responded by saying I wasn't pregnant if I was just 5 days late because the doctor didn't confirm. I get its her opinion but I just felt like I was slapped in the face I wasn't expecting that from her. Then she explained that before she had her son who is now one she had that happen to her where she got positive Test but got her period so she thought it was false. I have known woman who have miscarried farther along and I get it I feel I was lucky or not really that it was sooner rather than later. But my husband and I were so excited and trying so when it happened I was upset the I researched why it happend and I understand and accept it but i don't know she made me feel foolish but I did get two positive pregnancy test I was looking for an obgyn when it happened after that I just wanted to be home so I didn't get checked out but I feel I am ok. I'm just ranting I didn't even know how to talk to my husband about it I was speechless at the momentΒ