Has anyone went on the pill to induce/regulate period?

Clarissa • .
I've been off of depo for months now...last shot was January of last year. It "wore off" in April. Ive had random periods lasting a couple of days to 17 days and spotting and a couple of normal 6/7 day cycles...but they were every two weeks for about 6/8 weeks there. Then nothing for the past 71 days except random days of spotting. Ive been ttc, but how can i really and truly without a cycle? I just want a regular cycle again so i can ovulate and track and really ttc! So, my question...has anyone tried the pill for this reason after depo provera or a more heavy birth control or know anyone who has or have any advice whatsoever? Thank you ladies in advance, you guys are all i have to turn to!