Baby moon?!

Monica • I`m a 25 year old military wife and mother to our 5 year old son, Rylan and our sweet Maci born 7-17-15.
So our good friend kindly offered to watch our 4.5 year old while we spent some alone time together (hubby just got home from deployment plus he'll be in and out for the next two months). We live in NorCal so I was thinking of fun places to go for a babymoon/anniversary mini vacation. I'll be around 28-30 weeks when we would go (probably closer to 28) so I think it would be perfect! Lake Tahoe is only a 4 hour drive from us so I'm thinking we will go there! We didn't take a babymoon with our son, which is fine but we will only be in NorCal for another year so I'd love to take the opportunity to visit while I can! I think it would be wonderful to go for a few days and relax, get a couples massage, and maybe do some paddle boarding, etc. 
Have any of you thought about a babymoon?