Do you get cuddles after intercourse?

Its just a curious question because I don't. Occasionally after sex (which we now rarely do), I would ask my bf for a cuddle kindly and then he laughs saying "Shiiiiiiiit." And then he turns around. I don't know know why but hearing him say that and then feeling a tiny shatter in my chest just hurts me. I'm not sensitive, just gets me. I mean... He gave me a blanket for myself because he says he doesn't like sharing his blankets. Today I made the bed, used the one we used to share for an under layer and used the one he uses so we can use it, and after we had sex he yanked the bottom one off and threw it on me. Blah.. (Also, he got mad just because when he grabbed my ass it felt "loose" to him, by all means, my cheeks; he thought I slept with someone while he was gone for a day and a half. But all did was do sqauts and shit .. To make my booty fit.. Lol.)

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