Ttc rant - feeling overwhelmed and defeated

Teneale • Never ttc again but we're ready for baby #2 😊
Usually I'm quite good at...well I wouldn't say coping - but managing ttc. Tonight it just hit me like a tonne of bricks that SO and I have now been actively ttc and this is our 7th month. Where has the time gone? I feel so mad and angry and frustrated as hell that we havnt for our bfp. Have been taking Metaformin for 1 month now doctor said to take it for 2 and to go back if we don't get bfp. Will be going for a Pap smear in a few weeks....I'm just so sad to be working this hard for something and getting nothing back. 
On a good note, af finished today so it all begins again. Have been recording my bbt and glow told me when I ovulated and weirdly enough predicted correctly when af would show up (I have irregular cycles) and was right about the duration (my whole life it's been 5 das this time was 7) this gives me hope that if we bd every second day and every day during glows fertile window we just might get lucky this month. Baby dust to us all xox