The constant advice I never wanted!

Rosa • First timer.
Nearing the end of my first trimester (12 wks, 2 days) and the thing that I have noticed the very most is the constant "advice" ppl keep trying to give me that I never asked for. The other day I grabbed a banana at work to try and get something neutral into my stomach and one of my co workers walked by me, saw it and says, " Don't eat that. That's not going to help you at all. What you need to eat is blah blah blah." Maybe it's just my hormones making me bitchy but I'll eat whatever I damn well please. If I want frickin a banana, I'll have one. I've found out that in order to eat in peace I have to hide anything I have or someone somewhere will shove their unwanted opinion down my throat. It's actually really frustrating me. The best part is that all the ppl that are constantly doing this to me have NEVER been pregnant or had children. Is this happening to anyone else??? Ugh. 😠