E.R or No?


So I had bleeding today at 3:45...red and some small clots...lots of mucus too. I called my midwife asap and went in. She took blood and 2 swabs to check for infection...also we found heartbeat on Doppler at 155bpm.

That was reassuring, however, she said it can't garuntee everything is ok. I'm still having slow bleeding. When I wipe here is some. I have a pretty bad headache and feel cold and shaky all of a sudden. My midwife said to go in to e.r. if I have cramping with bleeding at any point...i have a like dull achey feeling or maybe a tightness in my pelvic area but I wouldn't say it is full out cramps.

I'm so concerned as to what caused and is causing the bleeding...but I'm not sure if this would warrant an e.r. visit for a scan


Note: I'm 10w 4d, first heard heartbeat at 9w2d. And then again today at 10w4d.

Also did not have sex in 4 days or anything that would have irritated down there.