Do you roll your baby back (a child that rolled over to belly on his/her own) to their back at night?

Lauren. • 28 years old. Happily married since 6/21/14. Loving being a mommy to my 2 amazing daughters!
So I know once a baby can flip over on his/her own, it is safe to let them sleep in their belly (assuming other conditions are of safe quality)....however, it is a hard one for me to get used to. In reality, I know my daughter can move herself to safety, but it's been pounded into me that "back" to bed is safest, and I am working on getting past the new norm of belly sleeping..... I honestly don't know why this one worries me so much, because I have co-slept on occasion, and am generally very flexible and open with the "rules" of parenting... she has been able to roll for awhile now, but just started rolling in bed this past weekend, and it's got me worrying...I even resorted to rolling her back tonighy🤦‍♀️ please tell me I'm not the only one?!? 

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