Have to let this little eggie go :-(

I have PCOS, and have finally started ovulating. I have done so much, sacrificed so much for this to happen. I've had weight loss surgery. I've spent months and many $$ tracking every little symptom of my body. Tracking temp & peeing on a stick every morning. It's in every thought I have, in every action I do. Becoming pregnant with a healthy baby is everything I want in my life right now. Finally- I ovulated yesterday. Felt the mittlesmertz & had a tint of pink. Spike in temp and + OPK. And- my hubby has the flu. Said even his balls hurt :-(. I feel so sad to let this little eggie go! I actually cried! But we haven't had sex in a week. Now I work 3 12 hour shifts over night for the next 3 night. There is no chance.