Toxic work environment

I work at a local YMCA, and our 4 core values are honesty, respect, caring, and responsibility. Keep that in mind because none of, excluding maybe 2 of the 10 "leaders", express those values. Which I suppose isn't expected but would be nice. Anyways, I've always had the problem of trying to move too quickly and tend to mess things up, however, I like to admit when I'm wrong and try and fix my mistakes. I like to learn why it's wrong so I won't do it again. I'm also a visual learner and have to watch someone to understand better. Now, my manager thinks we are hassling her when we ask questions. She talks about all of, especially me I know because I mess up a lot, to our coordinator. So why are you in a leadership position when you don't like to give help? Or why are you a leader when you think you can talk crap aboit everyone. She has even gone to the extent of telling me I'm lucky I have a good personality because otherwise I offer nothing.. And asking why I'm with my boyfriend because he isn't that attractive and he's big. She makes me feel SO little. Now, I know I need to take time out of my day to recognize my mistakes, and I DO, but she should want to help her employees... I don't know what to do, but I shouldn't be crying because my manager likes to make me feel like I'm good at nothing. What do you do about toxic work environments? It's hard to find a new job around here as well. I'm just tired of being belittled, embarrassed in front of customers (ex: huge  sighs because I don't know how to do something followed by "just move over! I'll do it,) and talked about ON A PERSONAL LEVEL. what should I do? She's won an award too, and I'm just like dude... YOU PEOPLE DONT KNOW. 

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