Belief Bashing

Taylor • Happily married! Pregnant for 1st baby!!

Why the HELL does anyone feel the need to disrespect or insult someone because of their religious veiws????!!!

Hear me out. As a Christian I am not religious I am spiritual. I am a complete and while believer but I do not participate in organized religious I do not believe in it. I feel that as long as I show my God that he is the Almighty and I be a person that myself and others love then I'm doing what I should. A part of that means I do things for others selflessly not for points on His board of acomplishments.

It makes me angry every day when "Christians" push or insult their beliefs to non believers. I would NEVER dream of wishing hell upon anyone. How can you pass the good word when you yourself are degrading it by being a condecending, pathedic, judgmental hypocrite!!

A person should be judged based on their heart not their beliefs and it hurts me so much and on behalf of all the misguided christians who insulted you for being non believers to you amazing women I am sorry. I hope for the most part you don't have a completely corrupted view of christians.

Thank you for reading.