Anyone else here the same??????

I am just wondering if there are any young woman here around 15/16/17/18 that wants to start TTC and have a baby but your partner doesn't want to???

I'm near 17 and I have wanted a baby for years now I feel being nearly 17 and after two miscarriages in past year (that weren't planned) I feel that now is the time, and it is starting to cause pain and stress to my life as my partner who has just turned 20 does not want to have a baby yet, the last miscarriage I had about 7 months ago now , I got to 12 weeks, and he told all his family and from 6 weeks on he just seemed so happy and excited, after I lost it I thought maybe now him being so happy he would finally want one ,but I was wrong, he Stoll doesn't want a baby an I'm having such a hard time with it :( wanting a baby has been such a big part of my life !!