Hi, my story - the short version!

Francesca • I`m 31 and We just had our 3rd baby! A boy after two girls! Lots of losses 😔 my first arrived at 28 weeks, after five years of trying, our second arrived at 34 weeks, and our third arrived at 34 weeks too! So blessed!
So I've been skirting the perifery of this group for a while, I haven't wanted to get too 'involved' as my last loss in January really broke me. That was my 4th loss. They've said I don't implant properly, my body rejects them. My only 'successful' pregnancy was my miracle girl, she's nearly 5 now, I nearly lost her so many times, they pre diagnosed me with pre eclampsia at just 14 weeks, I kept going into preterm labour, she wasn't growing properly, I was hospitalised and pumped full of drugs and they tried ther best to keep me pregnant but I got full blown eclampsia at 28 weeks and my organs started shutting down, my brain swelled and I started fitting. My beautiful baby was born 1 day short of 29 weeks at 2lb 4oz. The dr said it was a miracle we both survived. She has a lot of problems but it could have been so much worse! I've not kept any other pregnancies past 8 weeks but I'm not giving up hope for my rainbow baby, my second miracle! I'm under a specialist finally although apparently as two of my losses were 5 weeks and considered a chemical pregnancy then they don't consider it a 'proper miscarriage' and won't do any further investigations until I lose another one! Just to really kick you when your down. I've been on a strict diet (for health not for weight) and exercise regime (just walking and low impact aerobics) and have been on high dose folic acid ontop of Pregnacare plus so my body is 'ready' for 6 months now which is why the loss in January broke me so badly, I was so convinced it would work this time! To make things more difficult my fiancée is a fireman so works away a lot so we find it hard to hit my fertile window all the time and is regularly putting his body through extreme conditions which we've been told could be impacting his fertility but they won't test for that until we've been actively trying and logging for a year! Feel like I'm doing everything right and working so hard and it's all just falling apart around me! So that's me, hi!