Felt baby girl moving for the first time! 😍

Amber • 25, a teacher, army wife and expecting our baby girl, and first child, in Aug 2015! TTC for 7 months with 2 miscarriages
So it's 11:00 pm here in South Korea for me and I'm laying in bed watching TV, while my hubs is sound asleep next to me. Well I felt what I thought was gas, as I have been really gassy tonight (tmi I'm sorry!), but it felt a little stronger. So, I decided to feel my lower belly and put a little pressure on it and sure enough I definitely felt the baby!! I am freaking out! 😁 I continued to feel her move for a few minutes then decided to put my phone light on my belly and I saw a few kicks (or movements)!! Ahh!!! I wanted to share the news with someone as I don't want to wake hubs up. Oh I'm 17 +3. I had a bowl of cereal before bed so maybe that's why she's so active right now!? Ah I'm in shock! Love love love this little human growing inside of me. I thought it's be a few more weeks until I felt movement.