My fiance...isn't the man I thought he was...and I know now I will never see him the same again...

The man I fell in love with had just come out of a bad relationship. His ex wouldn't let him see their daughter and was very malicious to him. He was loving and kind to me, treating me like a princess. It was easy to believe him when he said that he tried his hardest to love her, and she was the wrong one.

Now the truth comes out...

They were together. And she had gotten pregnant the same time I had...and he had forced her to get an abortion so that I could keep mine. She's not the crazy ex I was led to believe...she's broken. He broke her and then left her for me.

He tore her down constantly. He would constantly let her know she wasn't enough.

And me? I'm still his princess. I've never seen that side of him. He's always lifting me up and loving me...He's never treated me less than amazing.

The sad thing is, I'm just like her. Everything he kept telling her he hated about her, he tells me he loves about me...everything he told her no to...he tells me yes.

And I wondered why everyone in his family hated me...they had watched her go through hell for 6 years and then here I come and I get what she deserved...

It's not right.

I feel sick. I don't know what to do. What would you do?