Irregular cycles, pcos, and opks

Hey ladies,
 I wanted some advice and hopefully some hope. Hubby and I are ttc #2. I have PCOS but a mild case.. Most of my cycles are 40 days, sometimes 30 and once in a while 50 some odd days. 
This is our first month trying and I decided to buy an opk in hopes that maybe it will give me some sort of direction as to when I ovulate, or if I do. I know they say they aren't reliable for pcos but I couldn't help myself as I read many women with pcos they have worked for, so I guess I was hoping I was one of those women. Anyway, I never got a peak fertility solid smiley. I have had flashing smiley faces for 13 days . Any advice? I felt like my body ovulated last week, it was an intuition but also I had along with cramping and some ewcm. But I never got a positive opk. I only test in the mornings though. Around 11 am. Could I have ovulated, but it didn't detect the surge? when would you test with a hpt test if you don't know when you ovulate?
Sorry for the long post!! Thanks :-)