Heavier flow than normal.

So last month I was on my period for two days. This month it looks like a normal period. Although I am in a decent amount of pain. 
This morning I woke up soaked in blood. I was wearing my S/Os boxers, they were also drenched. (Long story short I went to the bathroom and it was as if I was stabbed. The entire toilet bowl was quickly drenched with menstruated blood, the floor as well. (pretty much blood everywhere) 
Usually my flow is heavy for a day. This time  it is going on three. I am scared to wear panties, I also have bad cramps. I don't know when to go to the doctor. Or if I should. 
Has anyone bled so excessively like this before? At least twice a day I have to bleach so much. I also keep soaking my panties with blood and I have Super Tampons. 
My method of birth control are: Nuvaring and condoms.  
I started the ring last month and put a new one in after taking five days off of it. 
I feel so damn gross.