Baby gender

Brittany👨‍👩‍👦‍👦☕️ • 28 yr old Boymom of two wonderful boys, Blaine and August. Currently pregnant with #3! Due December 2016 😍
I'm almost 14 weeks and my bf is dead set on us having a boy. We won't find out until I'm 20 weeks so we got a little wait yet. When I ask him what names he likes it always boy names he gives me. When I ask him what he's gonna do if it's a girl he doesn't say anything. How do I get him to not get his hopes up to much?! This is my second child, his first, and my first one was a boy. This pregnancy has been sooo different from my first and everyone says if it's different it's the opposite sex.....I just don't want him to be disappointed if it's a girl 😞