HCG and Progesterone levels

6 weeks exactly on Monday, (3/2/15)..
On Saturday night (2/28/15) I had peach/light brown discharge. I was concerned to say the least. By Sunday, (3/1/15) it was brown discharge and one clear with red spotting. I called my OB first thing on Monday (3/2/15) and she said didn't need to see me unless discharge was bright red and dull cramping. About an hour later it was bright red! So I called my OB back and she had me come in for ultrasound and blood work. I went for ultrasound first and they found a heart beat!! (108 beats per minute)
Then met with the doctor...she said that everything looks as good as can be expected this early. She started me on progesterone as a precaution (200mg vaginal suppository daily) She also said no strenuous activity or sex for next 2 weeks. 
I go back on Monday (3/9/15) for repeat blood work and again on 3/16/15 for repeat ultrasound. But after leaving doctor office, the bleeding got heavier (like a normal period) and still cramping.
My OB called yesterday with my first blood results...HGC was in 600's and progesterone was at 2 (really,really low)
I've been on progesterone for 4 days now and I am still bleeding, but no cramping since Monday(3/2/15). The bleeding seems to be less and less and the days go by.
Just wondering if anything like this has happened to anyone else.