Miscarried but levels are rising?!?

I started spotting feb 19, got my blood drawn on feb 20 but ended up going to the hospital Saturday feb 21 for heavy bleeding and pain. I found out at the hospital my levels were 190, the last time I had my blood drawn before any bleeding they were 438. It turned out my blood levels from the 20th were 224. I went the following Monday to get more blood drawn and they were 228, so they started going up. She had me go again this past Monday and now they're in the 400s. I went today and got blood drawn again but won't know until tomorrow. The doc is super confused and unsure of exactly why this is happening but she thinks it's possible it's an ectopic. I just want to know if anyone else has had this happen to them. This whole situation sucks and is making me miserable in every way possible. I want it over!