We decided to try for baby #2 in October

Shelby • I`m the mother of 2 amazing toddlers, both boys. (1yr & 3yrs). pregnant with #3 and this one is a girl <3
We decided to try for baby #2 in October. I had my IUD removed oct.22nd, exactly 2yrs after finding out I was pregnant with baby #1. I have no patience & had pretty much given up on actively trying to conceive. I stopped counting days, stopped tracking, & just let things happen. We ended up BDing on my most fertile day, I didn't realize it til a few days after when I got this weird feeling like "this is it, this is our month." March 3rd I was supposed to have an MRI, I thought it was on the 4th so I missed it, luckily. AF was also supposed to start on March 4th. at 4:30am, I took a HPT. IT WAS POSITIVE! I went to the doctor 12 hrs later and got the confirmation. my first ultrasound is March 31st <3